Randi Rhodes off Air America!

The regular reader will recall that I have no love lost for Randi Rhodes. She is a conspiracy minded wacko, that generally gets facts wrong, and even gets basic science wrong, saying that a basic element, lithium, is composed of charcoal and water.

I find out today, quite by accident (someone with the Army found my blog, searching for Randi Rhodes photos) that Randi Rhodes has been “Kicked off Air America for Foul Mouthed Tirade.”

Gee–what a surprise.
I am going to break another one of my rules, and include the report by Jim Roberts here. I only ask that you honor his warning, before going to watch the video.

By Jim Roberts
Apr 3, 2008

It’s not easy being a shock jock, especially in the political arena. Randi Rhodes who last made news last October when she took a nasty spill outside of a bar and it was later blamed on a vast right wing conspiracy by another host on the Air America network has been kicked off the airwaves for ripping into Hillary Clinton and with some sort of a foul mouthed tirade.

Randi Rhodes Kicked off Air America for Foul Mouthed Tirade

Randi Rhodes Kicked off Air America for Foul Mouthed Tirade

She also ripped on Geraldine Ferraro as well dubbing her as “David Duke in Drag”. Rhodes went on the tirade and it was captured on video and she calls everyone that disagrees with her or supports Hillary Clinton a “Whore”. many are comparing her to Jeremiah Wright and are calling it another hate filled rant by yet another Obama supporter.


She really ripped into Clinton dropping the F bomb and other nasty comments all the while lashing a little quasi-praise on former New York governor Eliot Spitzer for dropping big bucks on call girls. She even drags Angelina Jolie into the mix as well. It was a sad effort, and another embarrassment for Barack Obama.

The video is here and it contains vulgar language so be warned. Perhaps we can get Randi Rhodes and the Reverend Jeremiah Wright a joint podium and allow them to praise Obama. It is unclear how long she will be suspended for, but the Air America network did release a statement saying she is off the air and has been suspended.

After reading all this, I at times wonder if I should add a category tag for “crack pots.”


5 thoughts on “Randi Rhodes off Air America!

  1. . . . or maybe a category for “crack heads” but I digress.

    “But what about Ann Coulter?”

    the other steve

  2. Sadly the video has been pulled from YouTube. If I cannot verify it for myself I cannot believe she actually did that. It would be SO out of character…

  3. “Out of character?” Interesting perspective. Frankly, what Randi said might seem outrageous to many, but it was pretty much “SOP” for the screeching left.

    I’ve heard much worse from my [il]liberal colleagues at faculty mixers (on much more sedate topics frankly).

    Her problem was that her particular means of expression just happened to be “outed” to the rest of the world.

    When you are comfortable shouting obscenities and demonizing people with whom you disagree within your own groupthink “echo chamber,” apparently you run the risk of being overheard.

    The shocker here is that anyone on the left was apparently, well, shocked.

    the other steve

    “But what about Ann Coulter?”

  4. Chris

    While I appreciate your actual sarcasm in you inability to believe she would say these things… I would like to point out I was not a believer either. Not that she wouldn’t say those things. I fully expect her to. It’s her nature. It’s that Air America actually (as “the other steve” points out) was shocked as took action.

    After my posting, I heard Geraldine Ferraro on Hannity and Colmes, and reporting at other places as well. H&C actually played the (bleeped out) video clips.

  5. At first glance I thought this was a reference to Ozzy Osbourne’s guitarist.

    I don’t know anything about Randi, or Air America for that matter – that seems about as trustworthy as Bill O’Reilly, Rush, Coulter, and Mahar wrapped into one nasty tasting burrito.

    However, it does sound like she and Coulter should each take a lithium and have a chat sometime if that is her candor. That would be good reality TV at worst.

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