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Okay, time for me to rant about Randi… LOL. I recommend you go watch this video show from CSPAN where Randi is interviewed on Q&A. within the first10 minutes of the show, they play a clip where she had “fought” with Janet Parshall. Randi thinks it is a “big thing” that President Bush suspended the “Davis-Bacon Act of 1931.” In fact, Randi brings this up as an example of Bush “lying.” Now, I am not sure of the connection between the suspension of the Act, and lying, but I am sure of one thing–this was not without precedent. As the quote below from the “CRS Report for Congress” regarding the suspension points out, the Act has been suspended several times. Admittedly, most suspensions were by Republicans, but only the suspension by Roosevelt was identified as “administrative convenience.”

The act has been suspended explicitly on four separate occasions. (a) In 1934,
President Franklin Roosevelt suspended the act in what appears to have been for
administrative convenience associated with New Deal legislation. It was restored to
full strength in less than 30 days with few people, seemingly, aware of the
suspension. (b) In 1971, President Richard Nixon suspended the act as part of a
campaign intended to quell inflationary pressures that affected the construction
industry. In just over four weeks, the act was reinstated, the President moving on to
different approaches to the problem. (c) In 1992, in the wake of Hurricanes Andrew
and Iniki, President George H. W. Bush suspended the act in order to render
reconstruction and clean-up in Florida and the Gulf Coast and in Hawaii more
efficient. The impact of the suspension is unclear for the act was suspended on
October 14, 1992, just days prior to the 1992 election. President William Clinton
restored the Act on March 6, 1993. And, (d) on September 8, 2005, President George
W. Bush suspended the act in order to render more efficient reconstruction and cleanup
of Florida and the Gulf Coast in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. The act may also
have been suspended during World War II as part of the generalized emergency.


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  1. You’ve got it wrong: when talking about suspending the Davis-Bacon act, Randi was saying that her opponent on the show, Janet Parshall, was lying. See for yourself in the transcript: http://www.q-and-a.org/Transcript/?ProgramID=1054

    Randi was also calling to task the GOP style of public verbal support of victims of our weather disasters, contrasted with the stond cold reality that would deny living wages to those stricken in the region.

    So, care to post a correction?

  2. actually, go listen to the clip–don’t just rely on the transcript. She (Randi) was specifically referring to the President’s lying, and challenging Janet for not “knowing” these evil lies of the President.

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