United Breaks Guitars (Ouch!)

Faithful reader(s) knows that I rarely post videos, or comics, or other such things.  But I couldn’t pass this up.

As you know, I am a critic of airlines and their (lack of) customer service.  But usually my response is to blog, or perhaps ocassionally call or write an email hoping to have someone at least feel guilt.  But this–this actually takes the cake.

When an airline breaks a guitar, and even admits they were at fault, you would think they would make good.  But no.  So the artists, Sons of Maxwell, dealt with it the only way they know how–in song:

So I promised the last person to finally say no to compensation (Ms. Irlweg) that I would write and produce three songs about my experience with United Airlines and make videos for each to be viewed online by anyone in the world.

I wouldn’t ever mishandle a guitar after this–especially if I was “Ms. Irlweg” the woman who finally said no.

So here you go.


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