Language Log: Who is the decider?

Language Log: Who is the decider?

I must say, I find this “episode” of the Language Log uniquely satisfying. Partially because I too have fallen prey to the odd grammatical error, now and again. But mostly because it serves as a humbling reminder that we all fail, and thus, as we point out each other’s failings, we all contribute.

but perhaps I read too much into this.

The last sentence though, remains priceless. Sure, pick on the word “decider.” Anyone want to guess what the other “obvious” error is?


3 thoughts on “Language Log: Who is the decider?

  1. Im just having trouble finding the ‘obvious’ dangling adjunct.
    (What’s a dangling adjunct, anyway? Thank goodness for google!)

  2. lol…. [deletes inappropriate comment about the first thought when read ‘dangling adjunct’]

    … yeah, nothing like trying the find the ‘obvious.’ *wonders if spell-check on Word would find it … yes, it probably would cheating… 😀 But might break down if you don’t tell us. lol..

  3. Language Theorist Mikhail Bahktin believed that language was composed of many layers, something he called heteroglossia–so I say, once “decider” was uttered or written, it immediately created a new layer in language, and therefore it is perfectly okay to use. Thinl about how much language has changed over since chaucer’s time–are we still communicating with “thou arts” or commincating in old English. Language is dynamic and is ever changing.

    long live decider!

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