The left doesn’t believe itself!

*cross posted from my posting at my home away from home:* may it rest in peace.
In perusing many of the blogs on the left, I have detected a recurring, although not ubiquitous, theme. Specifically, a lack of faith in the system, and an overarching belief that elections have been stolen wholesale. In fact, they are arguing that, with the voting machines being electronic, and with various other things done, that people no longer have a voice, and that democracy is dead. They believe Corporate America has stolen the government.

Interestingly though, they must not really believe it, because the left is looking forward to the next elections. Apparently they don’t even believe their own rhetoric. For some reason, they hold two contradictory views. The first view is that elections are not fair, and the outcomes are “pre-determined.” The other view? That we can change things by getting out the vote, and voting for change.
Hmmm… are they simply stupid? While that would be a satisfying conclusion, I am not convinced of that. For a long time now I have held the view that accusations and charges are more reflective of the attitudes and behaviors of the people making them than the subject of the accusations. People see the world through their own lenses, and do not easily see alternative explanations. Or to put it another way “Bush must have lied–how else could you explain what is happening?!”

So here is MY theory (admittedly filtered through my lens–I understand I too am captive to my own paradigm). Keep the news story out there that Democracy is threatened. Let people know that our nation has been “stolen” as have elections. Convince people that they have to take action NOW to take back our government–and you can do that by getting out and voting for liberals. So, create fear, carefully drawing lines connecting unrelated information in a compelling story that implies connections, and get people to react to it.
Yup, that’s my theory, and I am sticking to it. Liberals are trying to “steal” elections the old fashioned way. Lying and scaring the electorate. Popularizing crazy conspiracy theories. Making people feel fear, rage, and hopelessness. And then, getting people to vote for them based on irrational fear.

I could be wrong. But it makes for a good story, and seems as plausible as any other.