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  • Tax Cuts in time of Economic Downturn

    Tax Cuts in time of Economic Downturn

    Welcome back. I see the rows are still empty, but thankfully, this is a lecture that others can come back to review prior to any exam. (NOT) I have given much thought to the economic news. Today the latest job...

  • The daily News

    The daily News

    Okay, so I don’t wait, before I jump right in to controversy. I am getting tired of the anger about Bush. I am not “angry” about the anger. Tired. Geez, get OVER it. So now, because the President maintained his...

  • The First Entry

    The First Entry

    First words are always difficult, and these are no different. So much can run through my mind. Yes, I called this my “lecture notes.” And after reading several other people’s blogs, I find that I will perhaps take some heat...