It’s funny…

I was trying to decide what to post about today. Alito? Done… Kennedy’s blustering about how long he was willing to fight to subpeona the Library of Congress to release Alito’s records about Princeton (they voluntarily offered them–once asked…)

But then, I realized, I have some unfinished business. I had engaged in a brief discussion about gays in the military at the Lobby. It’s not really a fight–certainly not one about dogma, or philosophy. Honestly, I think the main author, Let, just is perhaps not as familiar with the military as one needs to be to make some statements.

But I have engaged. Please, dear readers, especially those with a military background–go read the discussion and, if you feel like contributing, do so.

I am sure the hosts at the Lobby welcome thoughtful people from all backgrounds, and would never do anything to discourage participation. And, while, as the lead author points out, opinions are like… (I am assuming she included her’s in that rather broad generalization) I know she welcomes factual discussions.

The Prof

UPDATE: Sorry, the “Lobby” died.  It’s too bad, honestly.


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