2 thoughts on “Best and Worst Service Stories

  1. When I was 18, my father was buying me a car to go off to college. I went out to Hoffman Ford on Rt 22 to test drive a Ford Explorer. I talked with a sales associate for a few minutes and I wanted to test drive one of their Explorers on the lot. He said he would go and get the keys. About 10 minutes went by and I started to get curious. I walked around and saw that the sales associate talking with another couple. He ditched me. Right there on the lot.

    A week later I went and asked for the same associate…so I could show him the brand new loaded Explorer I bought at his competitor’s lot.

  2. Okay I’ll bite. Do restaurants count?

    Friends said they would have our kids over to their house while my wife and I went out for the evening. (And reciprocate the next night.) Movie then dinner. Restaurant of choice was swamped so we drove around looking for one not so crowded. Found one – a “steak house” we have been at once in 10 years.

    Seated. Order drinks. Drinks. Order meals. Salads come. So far so good.

    After about 20 minutes we get curious. Our server has not come to say “sorry running late” or anything. After 25 minutes she says “you haven’t gotten your food?” and goes to find out the problem. Assistant manager arrives and explains that a machine ran out of paper in the kitchen so our ticket was never printed. The “manager is in the kitchen *right now* working on your orders” and it would be another 5 minutes. Sigh but okay.

    Another 15 minutes pass. Wife asks if we should go I say “5 more then that’s it”.

    Five minutes pass. A different server notices we still have nothing. Assistant manager comes and we explain we are going to leave. “It’s almost ready” he says. Apologizes and says the meals are free. No – we are going to leave. (Oh boy.) Asks if there is anything they can do to make it up – coupons for a free meal next time we come? No thanks – we just want to go home. (Double oh boy. He must realize we will never ever come back to that place again. Customer recovery epic fail.)

    One hour after we arrived we leave without having eaten (except the salads which were good). It is to my knowledge the only time we have done anything like that – just leave without eating and refusing all credits/coupons.

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